Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Things to Remember

So today has been a good day. I got up and had breakfast with Curtis before he went to work, then I cleaned the apartment for a bit.Oh, and I got a call back about a job!

After that I got to see one of my good friends. We went on a walk to the mall and to Target. It was a nice sunny day and it just felt good to get out after all the rain we have had this week. We talked about her fitness plan. And how she has been working out each morning. She told me that it is really hard at first and then it gets better.

So after she left I started thinking about how this is starting to look like a season of big change for me. I finally have the support I need with having Curtis in my life and now its time to take action on the things I never thought I could do. Step: 1 Find a job in a field I like. Step:2 Look into financial aid so I can go back to school. Step:3 Start a Healthier Me plan.

It looks like a lot and it kinda makes me timid. But these are all things that I never thought I could ever have in life. I want more for myself. Making the needed steps for a better life is a must. I just need to think about what my friend said about working out. "It's really hard at first, but then it gets better". I need to use that same quote with all three of my new goals. I need to remember that no matter what I do in life, It will take time and hard work to get the results I want and need.

Monday, November 1, 2010

I have my glasses on

It's a new week and time for me to buckle down. I have applied for two jobs today. The rest of the day I am going to spend the day cleaning the apartment. I feel like that is the least I could do because I am not the one paying the bills right now.

I got my glasses this weekend and I find it fitting because I feel like I woke up today with a new focus on what I want for myself. I can see clearer in more than one way. I can see that this time I want something new for myself. Working my old jobs were more for the money and not because I liked them at all. I want to work a job that I look forward to going to each day.

 I understand that I have a luxury that most people don't these days to find something that I really want to do. I want to make sure that I am respectful to the people who do not get to do that. I want to really find something good. So wish me luck!